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Hopefully the provocative title, 52 Lies Heard in Church Every Sunday, will catch the attention of many, as it is a book that will clear up the thinking, and be of great encouragement, to many ; many who may have been a bit misled, or mildly confused, and some who have been out-and-out misdirected.

Despite the negative title, 52 Lies is a powerful and positive pronouncement of why God’s truth is so much better than our faulty misinterpretations, or unwillingness to simply take God at his word. Taking something of a back door approach, it zeroes in on some of the pop terminology that has invaded the church, along with many misrepresentations and misunderstandings. It focuses on the wonderful truths of God’s love and grace, that unmerited favor, that we, in all our achievement-based humanness, have such a difficult time getting into our heads. It is a grace that carries well beyond our introduction into the faith. It is the power that keeps us going.

Some of the titles, or « lies", at first glance, seem innocent enough - « Salvation is Giving Your Life to Christ", « We Need to Continually Ask God to Forgive Our Sins", « Christ Empowers Us to Keep God’s Law", etc. The fact that they sound acceptable at face value is part of the problem. And Steve takes you a step farther and unveils the « real truth » to fine-tune your understanding of what the scripture actually teaches.

Steve McVey is a voice that needs to be heard. He doesn’t hold back, championing the message of the pure, unadulterated message of the gospel of the powerful grace of God. This book comes highly recommended, along with his other works, such as Grace Walk and Grace Rules.


Steve McVey est le président de Grace Walk Ministries , un ministère de formation de disciples basé à Atlanta, en Géorgie. Il est très demandé en tant qu’orateur pour des conférences sur le thème de la grâce. Ce livre est le deuxième du même auteur édité par La Maison de la Bible, après Victorieux par grâce .

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52 Lies Heard in Church Every Sunday - ...And Why the Truth Is So Much Better
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