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Revival Sermons of Jonathan Edwards

Auteur : Jonathan Edwards

  • EAN / ISBN 9781619709096
  • Editeur Hendrickson
  • Code HEN0909

Jonathan Edwards is primarily remembered today as a gifted and influential theologian. But in eighteenth-century America, his preaching resounded from pulpits throughout New England, sparking the flame of revival that became the « Great Awakening. » As the flame of this Puritan pastor and preacher of revival spread far and wide, his sermons galvanized many of his listeners into reexamining their lives and faith. Ever alert to the dangers of the religiously complacent those who only observed the surface requirements of religion Edwards tirelessly proclaimed the overpowering majesty and grandeur of God, and humanity’s hopelessness for moral improvement short of his grace. Revival Sermons of Jonathan Edwards offers a stirring selection of his best « Revival Sermons » that allows readers to experience the words that swept through this young nation with a message of repentance and a call to action.

Description du produit

  • Nombre de pages 178
  • Langue Anglais
Revival Sermons of Jonathan Edwards
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