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Auteur : Roy Godwin - Dave Roberts

Find reassurance and connection in the story of a place of retreat that became a house of prayer and much, much more.

The Grace Outpouring is a captivating account of the unexpected and unlooked for power of the Holy Spirit in a Welsh hillside community.

Challenging and encouraging, the miraculous healings ? both physical and spiritual are in keeping with a pattern throughout history of God using marginalised people in obscure places.

The Grace Outpouring is the moving story of life in a Christian retreat centre, and of a couple who thought they were opting for a quiet life. From the moment they arrived in the Welsh hamlet community of Ffald-y-Brenin ( ?The King ?s Sheepfold ?) they were amazed by the power of God as he moved into their lives. Guests at the Ffald-y-Brenin Christian Retreat Center first notice two things : the beautiful surroundings of the hills of southwest Wales and the quiet awareness of God’s presence there. « The Grace Outpouring « will inspire you with true stories of God at work in an ordinary, converted hill farm and challenge you to prepare a place for Him to work in your community as well.

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