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God's not dead, a light in darkness


Auteur : David White

  • EAN / ISBN 5034741413718
  • Editeur PUREFLIX
  • Code PUR1371

After Rev. David Hill is released from prison (as seen in the previous film), controversy is sparked against Dave’s St. James Church, which is on college campus grounds. This causes the college to start the process of shutting down the church, much to the dismay of Dave and his partner Jude. When informed of the decision to shut down the church and to replace it with a building to expand the school, Dave and Jude begin the process of suing the college to save St. James. Things get worse when college student Adam Richertson, in protest, tosses a brick into the church, igniting a fire that kills Jude and nearly destroys the church. Dave is forced to come to grips with the loss of his dear friend. Adam is horrified by his actions and contemplates whether to confess to the crime, leading him to reconnect with his skeptical girlfriend, Keaton.

During the lawsuit against the school, Dave seeks the help of his estranged brother, attorney Pearce Hill, who tries to explain to Dave that it is not a case worth fighting for. Dave refuses to listen to his brother’s advice and continues the case into court. After failing to reach a settlement with the college, the trial date is set for the lawsuit. At the same time, Adam sends an anonymous text to Dave, confessing to the church fire, causing a furious Dave to assault him when confronting him. This severely wounds his lawsuit’s case and leads to Adam being arrested and charged as a felony case.

After seeking God’s help in church through prayer, Dave eventually realizes that his case has only made things worse and that St. James is not the right church for God and his followers. He drops his lawsuit, reaches an out-of-court settlement with the college, and after talking with a repentant Adam and consulting with Jude’s family, ultimately asks to have the criminal charges against Adam dropped. He then announces to his college protesters that while St. James will be torn down, he will reopen a new church not far from the school for future followers.

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God's not dead, a light in darkness - ANG - DVD
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